Letter from Rev. Dominic Yeo

Chairman, World AG Fellowship

Dear General Superintendents 
Greetings! The world events that are happening are of no surprise to us. Jesus forewarned us in Matthew 24 that we “will hear of wars and rumors of wars,…nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places…” There will be increased persecution and wickedness, but all the more we, the Church, need to advance the Kingdom of Heaven and God’s message of Hope and Salvation! 
There is a greater urgency to save and seek the lost! 
There is a greater need for increased efficiency and effectiveness in sharing the Gospel! 
There is a greater demand for senders and the sent! 
The World Missions Congress is a time for General Superintendents and Missions Directors to come together for greater collaborations and empowerment to better our sending, and to reach the World with the light of Christ! Set aside these dates, October 8-10, 2024 to be in Kenya! Believing for the Assemblies of God movement to accelerate in her Missions endeavors in these end times!
Making His Mandate, Our Mission, 
Rev Dominic Yeo
Chairman, World AG Fellowship

Letter from Bishop Philip Kitoto

General Superintendent Kenya Assemblies of God

Dear General Superintendents 

It is with great joy and anticipation that I extend a warm welcome to each one of you to Nairobi Kenya! As we gather together in fellowship and purpose, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share in this meaningful endeavour. The call to missions is not only a noble one but a fundamental aspect of our faith journey, igniting our hearts with compassion and spreading the light of hope to every corner of the world.


I look forward to the moments of learning, growth, and inspiration that we will share. I pray that our time together is marked by a deepening commitment to serving others, a renewed passion for spreading the Gospel, and a profound sense of unity in our mission. Together, let us embark on this journey with open hearts and steadfast determination, knowing that through our collective efforts, we can make a transformative impact on the lives of those we are called to serve. Welcome, dear friends, to a conference filled with purpose, promise, and the boundless love of our Lord.

Bishop Philip Kitoto
General Superintendent Kenya Assemblies of God

Letter from Brad Walz

Chairman, WAGF Missions Commission

How impacting it was to have 92 nations represented in  Madrid in 2018, and then in Colombia in Sept. 2022 to have 1,400 in attendance, and from more than 60 nations, in spite of Covid still having an impact on world travel. The fruit from those events continues to reverberate throughout the world, as many countries caught a vision for the first time and were impacted by the Holy Spirit. As we anticipate Kenya 2024, we are believing God to have our largest World Missions Congress yet!

But beyond hoping to have an attendance record, we look forward to Kenya 2024, in Nairobi, our 7th World Missions Congress of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, because it is the first WAGF event to take place on African soil. (Though 2026 WAGF congress is scheduled to be held in Africa)! 

It is our desire that the Holy Spirit would speak to us and convict us of our challenge and task in this eleventh-hour harvest.  African missions has not moved forward with the same impact as that of other regions filled as well with “new senders.” We are truly praying for a breakthrough and that this event will mark a “before and after,” not only for our world fellowship, but as well for the African continent. We are asking God for thousands of African missionaries to be sent to the least reached peoples of the world. This can only come from a breakthrough from the Holy Spirit.

While God continues to call missionaries from the “historical senders,” our dream is that the 90% of the WAGF adherents and members, who reside in countries known as “new senders,” would take this place and participate in the 11th hour harvest and provide many workers to join those who have been toiling already for many years. Only with the Spirit’s leading, vision, and empowering of the 90% of the world that are “new senders and goers,” will God’s purpose be fulfilled. We believe this congress will make a historical impact on that process. Thank you for willingness to come to Nairobi. If we can assist you in any way or with any question, please let us know.

Brad Walz - Chairman, WAGF Missions Commission

Letter from APM

APM Co-Sponsor of the Nairobi Mission Congress

God has ignited a mission fire among the African Pentecostal churches. Assemblies of God and several other Pentecostals are now dreaming about sending missionaries to finish the task of the world evangelization. APM – the Africa Pentecostal Mission (APM) which is officially registered as Africa Peak Mission in Kenya is serving all Pentecostals in Africa in world missions. It started by the mission consultation at Nairobi in 2016 by the initiative of the chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF) World Missions Commission (WMC), Rev. Brad Walz and that time chairman of the WMC of the Pentecostal World Fellowship (PWF) Dr. Arto Hämäläinen. APM is invited to co-sponsor the World Missions Congress in Nairobi in 2024. It is a great privilege and an open door for fruitful collaboration in the Pentecostal family.

The first Pentecost was a mission event. People from east to west who were gathered in Jerusalem became empowered to bless the world. The same power is immutable today. The first Pentecost united people from different ethnic contexts. The same can take place in Nairobi. African Pentecostals as fruit of the missionary work from America, Europe and later from Latin America and Asia are coming together for purpose: to finish the task preaching gospel to everyone. WAGF and APM are joining hands to enable this to happen!

Dr. Arto Hämäläinen - Chairman of APM

Letter from PWF Missions Commission

As the world population has grown to over 8 billion people, it is concerning that almost half of them, which amounts to over 3400000000 individuals, have not yet experienced or received the Good News. The task at hand is challenging and substantial, and it will necessitate a change in approach at all levels of leadership to be achieved within our lifetime. We are rapidly approaching the 2000th anniversary of the Church receiving the Great Commission, and His global church continues to be the vehicle to see His mission accomplished.

The World Missions Congress presents a unique opportunity for national authorities, missionaries, pastors, mission-minded individuals, community influencers, mission executives, and marketplace leaders to gather in one place and focus on one mission: Ensuring that every person on earth has a genuine encounter with Jesus.

I invite you to join us in Nairobi to pray, collaborate, dream, strategize, and recommit ourselves to ensure that people from every tribe, nation, and throne receive the Gospel during our lifetime by all possible means.

Yours and His,

Max Barroso

Congress History

The World Assemblies of God Fellowship normally holds its World Congress every three years in various locations. The previous congresses have been: Seoul, Korea (1993), Sao Paulo, Brazil (1996), Indianapolis, IN, USA (2000), Sydney (2005), Lisbon (2008), Chennai, India (2011), Springfield, MO, USA (2014), and Singapore (2017). Madrid (2020) was postponed to Oct. of 2023 because of the Covid pandemic. Besides these congresses, there have been 6 World Missions Congresses.

2007:   Buenos Aires, Argentina (in conjunction with the third Latin America Missions Congress)

2011:   Manila, Philippines

2013:   Cancun, Mexico (in conjunction with the fifth Latin America Missions Congress, which had 1100 delegates from 60 countries)

2015:   Bangkok, Thailand

2018: Madrid, Spain

2022: Medellin, Colombia (Originally it was scheduled for 2021, but was postponed a year because of the Covid epidemic).

The congress is being co-sponsored by the Pentecostal World Fellowship Missions Commission, and the Africa Pentecostal Mission. The Pentecostal World Fellowship also has had congresses every three years going back to 1947 in Zurich. Including that one, it has had a total of 25 congresses. Recent ones include Los Angeles (2001), Johannesburg (2004), Surabaya, Indonesia (2007), Stockholm (2010), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2013), Sao Paulo, Brazil. (2016), and Calgary, Canada, (2019)  and Seoul (2022). The PWF World Missions Commission was established in 2005, and since that there has been a world missions special program connected to the Pentecostal World Conference.

Why Nairobi?

Nairobi is a vibrant tourist city that is popular through Africa and much of the world because of it’s year long spring like climate. As well the ability to get off the plane and do a safari (Nairobi National Park borders the airport property) has long made Nairobi a tourist destination.

As well, our world congresses have been rotating between different regions of the world. Nairobi is an ideal location within Africa and also has many connecting flights within Africa because of both Kenya and Ethiopian airlines.

We feel that Kenya 2024  will be a historical event that will impact the world.  In Cancun 2013 we had 60 countries present and in Bangkok in 2015 70 countries.  In Madrid there were 92 countries.  In Colombia due to the epidemic, we had 62 countries. It is our goal to have 100 countries present in Kenya 2024. We invite you to be part of history!

Event Speakers

Rev. Calisto Odede

Rev. Dr. Fidel C. Monzon

Max Barroso

Dick Brogden

Rev Stephen Wengam

David Ewagata

John Easter

Opoku Onyinah

Bishop Gibson Anduvate

Doug Clay

Brad Walz

Bishop Philip Kitoto

Conference Schedule

5 workshops available repeated twice (You can attend 2/5)

  • Church planting vision and practice (Rob Hoskins, Rob Ketterling, and Barnabas Mtokambali)
  • Relief and Development Network (Moderator: Niclas Lundgren)
  • Prayer and Intercession for Missions (Moderator: Michael Dissayaneke)
  • Religious Liberties Commission: responding to the persecuted Church (Moderator: Arto Hamalainen)
  • Mobilization:  Recruitment, Training Programs and Missionary Care (Moderators: Gheorghe Ritisan and Glen Smith)


Registration includes entrance to the congress & 3 boxed lunches. Please note that the registration fee does not cover evening meals or hotel rooms. Attendees are responsible for their own expenses related to evening meals & hotel accommodations.


  • Early Bird - Jan 15th to June 30th
  • Advance ($45) - July 1st to Aug 31st
  • Late Registration ($60) - Sept 1st to Sept 30th


  • Early Bird - Jan 15th to July 31st
  • Advance (KES 6800) - Aug 1st to Aug 31st
  • Late Registration (KES 9100) - Sept 1st to Sept 30th
  • Your name and phone number will be registered with the payment and the office secretary will text you back confirming receipt. Any questions call or text 0724 935567, for emails use

CITAM Valley Road

Valley Road, Nairobi Kenya

Official Partners

Conference Venue

  • CITAM church, Valley Road. 28 Valley Road, Nairobi

Hotel Information

There are many hotels in Nairobi of every price and style, but we have listed 22 of them and they are listed below in Alphabetical order, by distance, and by price. 

We did not wish to picture all 22 so there are only six of the 22 that are pictures. The 6 that are pictured are some of the more expensive hotels but there are many econimical options in the lists below.

The Heron Hotel (700m)
Fairview Nairobi (2.0km)


List of hotels by Distance

Sarova Panafric (900m)
Nairobi Serena (2.1km)


List of hotels by Price

Four Points by Sheraton (1.6km)
Radisson Blu Arboretum (2.2km)


List of hotels by Alphabet