Dick Brogden

Dick Brogden


Dick and Jennifer Brogden have served among Muslims for the last 30 years; Mauritania (1992), Kenya (1993-1995), Sudan (1996-2011), Egypt and the Arab World (2012 – 2018), Saudi Arabia (2019 – 2023), and the United Arab Emirates (2023 – present).  They helped found the Live Dead movement and now serve on the Live Dead Global Leadership Team. They serve now as Area Directors for AGWM for the Arab World. Dick is the author of “Loving Muslims”, “The Live Dead Joy”, “This Gospel”, “Abiding in Jesus”, “Abiding Mission”, “The Live Dead Journey”, “Missionary God, Missionary Bible”, and is the editor of “The Live Dead Journal”.  Dick has his PhD in intercultural studies. Dick and Jennifer have two sons, Luke and Zack.

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Afternoon Service | Break our hearts with what breaks yours (Part 1)

  • 8 October, 2024
  • 15:00 - 16:30