Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can anyone attend the Congress or only leaders?

Though many who attend are leaders, the congress is open to any Christians who are able to attend.

2. Do I have to be Assemblies of God or with the Pentecostal World Fellowship?

Most international delegates will be from one of the two world networks, the worldwide network called the “World Assemblies of God Fellowship,” or the “Pentecostal World Fellowship.”  The worship style will be Pentecostal, but the congress is open to delegates from other fellowships.  In each congress we have had people from many different backgrounds.

3. Will the registration price be refunded in case of cancellation?

No, but in limited cases and if justified, transfers of registration to a friend or fellow delegate from your country might be allowed.

4. Does the registration fee include meals and hotel accommodations?

The registration fee will include three simple boxed lunches. All other meals and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of each attendee.

5. Can I pay at the door?

Preregistration is recommended. It is possible the congress will sell out in advance.  Therefore registrations at the door will be as space permits. We also recommend that you do not purchase an airline ticket without first securing your hotel reservation and either pre-registering or communicating with organizers if you need to pay in cash at the door.  In 2018 we sold the event out in advance and people were purchasing airline tickets without registration secured. We aren’t responsible to allow you entry if you purchase an airline ticket without first registering.

6. Will translation be provided?

All sessions will be translated from the platform between English and possibly one other language.  We will have limited translation equipment for other languages, and will be available as logistics permit. Let us know well in advance if you have language translation needs.